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14 Feb

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!! I hope everybody has some plans for their partners for tomorrow’s lovers holiday. If you don’t have big plans that’s okay too. More and more couples are opting out of big plans on Valentines day and giving the gift of $$$ in the savings account. As with many of our long standing holidays, capitalism has snuck in and tricked us into spending boat loads of money during an inflated one day premium spending experience. Roses alone are double the regular price and we know that every high end restaurant is going to be filled to capacity for the next three nights. During the Christmas season I preach about giving the gift of experiences over physical presents and the same rings true here.

Here are may tips for saving some dollars on Valentines Day.

1. Postpone Valentines Day.
Festivities can wait until next week so you can take advantage of regular pricing. Hotel rooms, dinners, chocolates and roses all go back to regular price on Wednesday. Do you think you could wait just 1 day? Maybe you could follow idea 3 and give them that 1 day vacation today and take them out on the weekend, or even better the second weekend after Valentine’s Day. February 14th is definitely in the slow season of Tourism in Vancouver so prices go back to off season prices as of the 15th.

2. Make a gift.
Any good partner will recognize the time and effort put into any homemade craft. If you have a printer and some paper it’s super easy to make your Valentine’s Day card. Make sure to hand write a thoughtful message inside and your partner will be swept off of their feet (Don’t forget to include some home made “sexy coupons”). Baking treats and/or cooking a special meal is always a good way to your partners heart. Include an amazing table setting/presentation or set the mood just right with some wine and candles.

3. Give your partner a 1 day vacation.
Take care of all the housework and chores or finish up a project that’s been getting in the way. There is nothing better than coming home to a clean house no chores to do. Maybe there is 1 really specific thing your partner has been asking you to do – get it done!!

These are all dual purpose suggestions because they are equally useful if you straight up forgot about Valentine’s Day. Don’t rush a last minute gift. Just tell your partner you have plans for something big down the road and your being fiscally responsible by NOT doing anything today. When your truly in Love, the littlest gesture can be hugely rewarding. Not every date night has to be spent out on the town being frivolous.

I really hope that this advice helps somebody out and brings some lovers closer together tomorrow. Or at least in a week or two when the price of being romantic drops 😉

Word to your mother.

25 Dec


Invest in yourself

As I get older and wiser I have made a great deal of positive changes in my lifestyle with regards to finances, grooming, health and nutrition and I want to pass that knowledge on. I really would like to help men grow and step their game up. I also realize that bringing about personal development is a lot easier when you have a group of people all helping you achieve your goals.

Stay tuned for our first workshop in Spring 2018.

22 Dec

Your Special Day

I want you to enjoy your day. I want you to spend your big day surrounded by friends and family, knowing that everything you have planned is being executed flawlessly.

My role as your wedding day coordinator came about as my friends and family started to get married. I saw first hand the work that goes on behind the scenes. I also saw the bride and groom doing wedding work that should have been delegated to friends and family. The light bulb went off and I knew that I wanted to help.

Over the past 2 years I have been providing my services to friends and family on their big day to prepare for your wedding. Since starting this business I have found joy and happiness in helping couples who are madly in love. Making a couples first night a stress free and wonderful time means the world to me.

Call me for details

21 Dec

Your Wedding Consigliere

It goes without saying that I am a pretty big fan of “The Godfather” book and movies. So when I was explaining my business idea to some friends and one friend described my business back to me as, “Your a wedding day consigliere,” I knew the title was a good fit.

In the novel and movie, a consigliere is an advisor or counsellor to the boss, with the additional responsibility of representing the boss in important meetings both within the boss’s crime family and with other crime families. The consigliere is a close, trusted friend and confidant, the mob’s version of an elder statesman; he is an adviser to the boss in a Mafia crime family, and sometimes is his ‘right-hand man’.

In my case, being your wedding day consigliere means being the advisor to YOU, the bride and groom. Representing the couple in important meetings with the vendors and volunteers involved wedding plan IS my job. I am also an adviser on the big day, helping coordinate and trouble shoot when things run a little late or when we need to find that ONE missing relative for a photo.

So let me take over managing your self planned wedding. Your wedding day consigliere has your back.

11 Sep

Welcome to the 2nd Best Man site

Hello and thanks for taking the time to stop by my site. I’ll be updating my blog regularly with visit’s to wedding venues around the city as well as tips and tricks to make your wedding day successful. I will also be announcing my “Step Your Game Up” workshop series for men in the New Year.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and seeing how I can be of assistance on your big day.

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