2nd Best Man is a full service wedding day coordination business based in Vancouver, B.C. It’s owner, operator and wedding day consigliere, Harley Rose started the business after enjoying helping family and friends during their own weddings. Wether it was filling in as a last minute emcee, being a best man at his best friends wedding or helping with the late night stacking of chairs at many small weddings, Harley knew that ensuring a wedding went smoothly for the bride and groom was something he wanted to more of.

2nd Best Man believes that weddings can be affordable and stress free. Contact us anytime to chat about your wedding. We would love to treat you for a free coffee and consultation.

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  • In July 2016, my partner and I were very fortunate to have the support of 2nd Best Man for the organization and execution of our Toronto-based wedding. All weddings can be incredibly stressful events! It is easy to underestimate how much work goes into planning a wedding (small or large). There are common stresses that underlie all weddings (e.g. keeping with schedules, ensuring someone is available to receive the cake), but there are also challenges specific to the wedding at hand. 2nd Best Man was well equipped to deal with both common and specific factors specific to our union. ...read more...Claudia M.



Full Service Wedding Coordination

  • Establish and ensure your wedding day timeline is followed
  • Learn and manage your guest list with optional RSVP follow up
  • Learn and manage your vendor list
  • Attend and assist with rehearsal
  • Guest transportation
  • Coordinate decorating at venue
  • Brief ushers
  • Help organize family and friends for photos
  • VIP Service for Bride and Groom, Immediate Family
  • Move presents to secure room

Wedding Day of Coordination

  • Learn and manage your vendor list
  • VIP service for Bride and Groom
  • Organizing Family and Friends for photos
  • Manage guest list
  • Assist guests with seating
  • Move presents to secure room
  • Ensure timeline is followed

Add on Services

  • Stag Planning
  • Speech Writing
  • RSVP Follow Up
  • Bartending/Cash Bar Services
  • Manage Vendor List
  • Guest Transport
  • VIP Handling
  • Multimedia checklists
  • Important Date Reminders


Second Best Man Harley Rose is more than just your wedding day coordinator, he is your go to guy for anything you will need in the weeks leading up to and on your big day. Harley found his passion for this type of work when he was asked to be Best Man to his best friend, Kyhan Smith. “I wanted the wedding for two of my dearest friends to be as stress free as possible.” 2nd Best Man is dedicated to making your wedding day stress free for you, your close friends and family.

2nd Best Man is different from other wedding day coordinators because of Harley’s years in the service, music and concert industries . Switching from services such as best man and maid of honour support, liaising with vendors and setting up decorations to filling in as last minute emcee are no problem for this jack of all trades. Over the past 5 years, Harley has been entrusted with various tasks at weddings from Vancouver, Langley, Toronto and Agassiz, BC. “One of my most favorite things I could do as Geri and Senay’s wedding day consiglierie was get them food while they were waiting in a small room, hidden from everyone before they made their grand entrance. They were starving! I felt it was the least I could do.” As a Vancouver-based musician, doorman and party planner in a past life, he has much experience to offer and prides himself in ensuring you have the best day ever.

Why Harley

Harley is dedicated to making sure your wedding day is stress free. He has known for a long time that his purpose in life is to help others. During his best friend’s wedding, he realized that there was a need for someone to be a problem-solver in a pinch….such as bringing the bride and groom a snack when they get hungry, tying a bow tie, or coordinating family and friends for pictures. Your wedding day is a day for you to spend with your friends and family, not worrying about logistics and fine details. Let Harley handle the heavy lifting. He is that guy! He is your wedding day consigliere.



Harley’s specialization on groom-centered needs came about during his Best Man duties. He found that most of the wedding services offered were focused on the bride and very rarely on the groom. He also is a firm believer in self development which led to the idea of encouraging men to step their games up by offering workshops on financial literacy, grooming, mens health and other important mens topics.

Let Us Help You Run The Show Behind The Scenes

Why You Need a 2nd Best Man

When hiring the 2nd best man, not only are you choosing a highly efficient, engaging, and orchestrated wedding coordinator who acts like he’s your best man’s best man but you are also getting a chance to enjoy your own party and not worry about the last minute fine details.

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